Top UX blogs to follow in 2016

My list of top UX blogs

Ecommerce UX design blog :
Here you can find almost everything ecommerce design related.

A List Apart:
One of the my most recommended design blogs.

52 Weeks of UX:
If you really wish to understand design as a whole and feel it around yourself this blog is for you!

UX Mag:
A very helpful blog that brings highly valuable information from industry practitioners.

UX Myths:
Based upon research findings, this blog will help you look beyond your design beliefs and will help you to design what’s best for the user.

Luke Wroblewski’s blog:
His advice on design is impeccable, especially his advice on how to design web forms.

Smashing Magazine:
A very informative and diverse blog on design, this is a must read for any UX aspirant.

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I am a Coffee-addict-with lost counts of consumption. Apart from this addiction, I have a deep passion for data and connected architectures. I ingrain technology into business processes to bring the next level disruptive solutions.

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