Kindle – The best Ebook reader

I am a book worm and I love to read as much as I can. My reading interests often makes me to import books out of the country, and often that’s unpleasant. The entire system to import books is just awful for an avid reader. After a good time utilizing Printed books and reading ebooks on PC’s and Tabs I switched to Kindle.

Kindle best ebook reader

The best ebook reader

It has been years now, and since then I haven’t regretted my decision. Kindle is an awesome device for someone who loves to read. The entire product speaks of a design that’s well crafted for book readers. Here’s what I love the most about my Kindle.

User experience of Kindle

Kindle follows the typical book convention. While it doesn’t have those swipe animations which were present initially in the Galaxy Tab devices, it does follow the exact page flipping science which allow users to go back and forth between the pages. I remember not having to refer to any guide or check any instructions to learn those interactions, the user experience of Kindle feels extremely natural.

Screen Quality

When I unpacked my Kindle years ago, I’d no idea of what I was getting into. I opened the box and it appeared to me that there was a cover made of paper on my Kindle’s screen. When I tried to remove that cover I found that it was the actual screen of my Kindle! How awesome is that?
300 ppi E Ink Carta display makes the screen well suited to our eye. For someone like me who wears high power spectacles, this combination bring more comfort.

Screen brightness

Again, another awesome feature that distinguishes Kindle from any other eReader. Kindle allows user to adjust screen brightness to match almost any light conditions, whether it be day or night.

Light weight

Being extremely light weight renders it as one of the easy to use devices. Using Kindle allows you to read for long time without tiring your hands.


I read at least for an hour on my Kindle, and still, it only needs to be charged after 20 days. As opposed to our cellphones, which demands charging at least once in 2 days, Kindle only needs to be charged once in a month.

.Mobi format

The biggest pain in reading digital books is that you often need to pinch/zoom to adjust the layout, and you need to do it very often. Kindle straightaway takes that pain away. It brings a huge number of publishers to a platform with books perfectly optimized to provide the perfect layout without any need to re adjust the layout. Kindle also provides the facility to adjust font size and typefaces to your reading needs. Adjusting typefaces brings a bit more affordance in reading, e.g. if you are reading a novel you might want to switch to a typeface that facilitates that kind of reading. Latter one only applies to people who understand typefaces.

Last but not the least, I’ve had Plastic cased Samsung Flagship phones in past which felt unnatural on a users’ hand and have an iPhone whose metal body makes it so slippery that it often falls from my hand. Whereas, Kindle is nicely design, the back portion feels extremely good on hands and takes good care of these usability issues.

Is Kindle the best ebook reader? Yes, Definitely it is!

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