GUI design tools

GUI Design tools

Awesome GUI design tools that you should definitely checkout

ForeUI is a user interface design tool that allows you to create graphic user interfaces for websites and softwares. It allows creating a skeleton wireframe, add workflow and simulate the website or software.

ForeUI allows easy drag and drop facility to do rapid prototyping. Here’s how ForeUI works

To assist in a collaborative design process and usability ForeUI even allows a user to add comments.

MockingBird is a ridiculously easy GUI design tool that let’s you create interactive wireframes. The user experience is crafted in a way that it makes using this tool extremely easy, even for a new. Apart from being easy to use, it also allows editing and collaborating in real time. A user can add comments to the design.

Here’s a video that illustrates how easy it is to make wireframes in MockingBird

The pencil project
An open source all platform tool, the pencil project allows users to create mockups for any platform – Desktop to mobile phones. It also allows to save the project in the popular formats like PNG, SVG, Openoffice, PDF or even Inscape compatible files.

Mockflow is another GUI design tool that helps designers collaboratively create wireframes. The tool is completely cloud based and promises high level of data security. To help a user get started with their work, Mockflow has provided a very nice set of detailed documentation on their site.


This GUI tool is a bit different as it aims to reduce the divide between designers and developers. Rather than just providing pre made design patterns, Patternry allows you to build living UI libraries. Patternry stores everything in one place: Screenshots, discussions, design guidelines and code. This ensures that everyone is one the same page and can see the entire picture.

Patternry also helps building design and code removing any redundant tasks that an individual might face.

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