Design methods for product planning, scoping and development – Part 1

Brain storming origami

To build more meaningful products we need a user centered design approach. This new blog series outlines some of these design methods which could lead to products that users love. Depending on your use case, you can incorporate these design methodologies.

Brainstorming by graphic organizers

Brainstorming using Graphic organizers helps teams generate out of the box solutions and discover more problems by utilizing free spirited and quantity intensive frameworks. When utilized properly it helps bringing ideas out quickly and often uncovers the more unexplored ways to solve a design problem.

These brainstorm graphic organizing frameworks are available in the following frameworks: Brainstorming webs, Tree maps and Flow Charts. Consider the following when selecting a framework from the three frameworks:

  • To shape an idea brainstorming webs are often found to helpful.
  • To establish hierarchical relationships Tree maps are instrumental.
  • To better shape your idea and understanding it as a cohesive system dependent on elements Flow charts are usually helpful.

    Business Origami – Invented by Hitachi Design Center

    Brain storming origami
    Image credits – Dave Grey

    The practice ensures that everyone is on the same page by using paper cut out models that illustrates the system. As opposed to digital models, the paper cut out representations are often more intuitive in understanding mental models.

    In this design methodology, pieces of paper are placed either on a horizontal whiteboard or a big white sheet of paper. The whiteboard or big white sheet of paper has marked areas. The cut out paper pieces who may represent people, groups, etc are then placed on top of these relevant areas. These areas are then connected with lines to illustrate flow and establish relationships.

    For now, the post will end with just the two design methodologies, but other design methods will follow soon.

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